In-Home Euthanasia

For an animal lover, there is no decision more difficult than authorizing euthanasia. This painful choice, too often, is the right choice for your companion.

Euthanasia is a painful decision that is most difficult for a animal-lover. This humane procedure offers modern veterinary medicine a clear advantage over illness that prolongs the suffering of both of you. Home euthanasia becomes another service option available to the owner via the mobile practice.

Family discussions with your animal’s veterinarian concerning the status of your animal’s condition and the prognosis should involve all the family members. We can also make suggestions to help make final arrangements. This would include such things as communal cremation, individual cremation and cemetery burial.

If the burden’s too heavy, veterinary colleges are increasing their efforts to help owners cope with lingering grief, in the form of counseling and support sessions. If you have any questions call or email us Click here